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Ghana's Speaker Slams US Vice President Kamala Harris For Canvassing Gay Rights
In Ghana, Kamala Harris spoke out in support of LGBTQ+ people in Africa, following the introduction of a devastating new law in Uganda that bans queer identities entirely.
The 49th vice president of the US made her stance clear on Monday (27 March) during a press conference.

Standing alongside Ghana’s president, Nana Akufo, Harris said she felt “very strongly” about supporting the development of LGBTQ+ rights in Africa.
“I will also say that this is an issue that we consider and I consider to be a human rights issue and that will not change,” she said.
However, the speaker slammed Kamara Harris, describing her comments as undemocratic.
According to him, it should not be tolerated.

He said, "I was so happy when I read that Pope Francis directed that no Reverend father should celebrate over gay or lesbian marriage. Yes, Rome has spoken and the matter is ended, so committee members that will refer to the bill, we want the report.
"Don't be intimidated by any person. I made this statement when I was a member of the European ACP Parliament in Brussels. Now we have two of our members in, who happen to be leading our committee constitutional legal colloquial affairs, who are handling the bill and since we referred it to them; till date, we haven't heard anything.”

He continued, "That is creation and that is the spice of life. How come we are using that to divide ourselves? Please let the report flow. We need to legislate. Our friends, yes passed their law in Uganda. We did not go the way they have gone because our constitution is clear as to the direction we should move and so we will be guided by that.

"Because if we pass any law against the constitution, it's unconstitutional. So, we have to do that. So, what are you afraid of if you have the whole people behind you? If God is with you, who can be against you? And if God says please go into the wilderness, multiply and fill the world, that is God giving you that command.
"If somebody says please don't multiply, how can that person be strong? I don't only speak this way in Ghana, I spoke it in the last meeting we attended in IPU at Barry. Anybody who listened to my speech, they were silent on this matter, likely because it's a Muslim country. They applauded me.
"If it's somewhere else, they will be asking questions, as the vice president just did yesterday. These things should not be tolerated, that is undemocratic. What is democracy? That somebody else will have to dictate to me as what is good and what is bad; it’s unheard of. Because we have decided to devalue ourselves and go begging.
"Come on! We have more than enough. God has created more than enough for every person. It’s just because you are looking at somebody else’s share, not yours. We have enough in the well. The bill will be passed.”
"That is why we are representative of the people, so in terms of law which is part of policy, we finalise it and then the executives have the authority to implement it, to execute it. Let's get this clear. Once this bill is before here, he is not in charge, I am in charge," the statement added.

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