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Footballer Sets Self Ablaze Protesting Police Injustice

A 35-year-old Tunisian footballer, Nizar Issaoui, has died after setting himself on fire in protest against police injustice

The Tunisian striker claimed policemen accused him of terrorism when he complained about the price of bananas.
he had published a video on Facebook saying he was protesting against police as he had been falsely accused of terrorism in Haffouz, Kairouan, central Tunisia.

The Sun reports on Saturday that Issaoui, a former player for top-flight side US Monastir, set himself on fire outside a police station on Thursday.
He was rushed to hospital after suffering third-degree burns but could not be saved.

A video selfie circulating on social media shows Issaoui screaming: "For a dispute with someone selling bananas at 10 dinars (£2.65), I get accused of terrorism at the police station.

Issaoui was a free agent and played in the amateur leagues before his death.

His brother Ryad said: "He died yesterday [Thursday] and will be buried today."

Clashes then erupted between police and angry protesters in Haffouz, the hometown of Issaoui. 

Witnesses said police fired gas to disperse the protesters who had gathered in front of the police headquarters.
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