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Nigerian Lady Reveals How She Made The First Move When She Met Her Man
She said: “Chudi and I met at our friend's birthday on the 1st of June 2017.

I made the first move by accusing him of feeling "too fine" to talk to anyone. This was a ruse for me to open a line of communication with the most handsome 6ft 2 man I had set my eyes on. 
Unfortunately, he was only in Lagos for a short period and he scooted back to Ireland to begin his Master's Degree five months later. We began spending every dav together up until he left with a plan to continue our relationship as a long-distance one. 
We talked endlessly day and night via all modes of communication available to us and in June of 2018, I flew to Dublin to see him. 
Unfortunately, I had contracted Cerebral Malaria before embarking on the trip and did not begin to display severe symptoms until I landed in Dublin. I was hospitalised for 7 weeks and spent 4 of those weeks in a coma.

During this time, Chudi was by my side and that was how he met my parents. They spent those 7 weeks together as they came in to visit each day - by the time I was well enough to comprehend where I was and what had happened, I was shocked to see that they had formed a bond and had inside jokes.
My Dad constantly "jokingly" reminded me that I was not permitted to bring another guy as my future husband. Fast forward to much happier and joyous times, we have remained together for the past 6 years encouraging each other in our careers, our personal growth and our walk with Christ.”

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