We’ll Invite IPOB To Lagos To Protect Us – Igbo Chiefs In Southwest State

We’ll Invite IPOB To Lagos To Protect Us – Igbo Chiefs In Southwest State

Fredrick Nwajagu, the Eze Igbo of Ajao Estate in Lagos State, has vowed to invite members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) to Lagos State in order to secure Igbo properties in the state.
Nwajagu stated in a 49-second video shared on Twitter on Friday by @DeeOneAyekooto that the move was necessary due to attacks on Igbo people in the state.
The Igbo leader stated that he stood by his words and that his people must take a stand in Lagos State by shutting down their economic activities to protest the alleged intimidation they had been facing from other non-Igbo residents of the state.

In the video obtained by SaharaReporters, he said, “If not one month, two weeks, if not two weeks, for a one week, if not one week, three days.

“Let us know how it is between us and them in this state. Since they have been chasing us to go, let's shut down for one week or two weeks so we can know how the state will be.

“Whenever Igbos travel for Christmas, the state will be empty and they will be waiting for us to come back and when we return, the state will become busy, and there will be traffic jam and everything will become busy.
“Now they are asking us to go. They should stop threatening us with going back to our place. We will stop peace, peace will stop.

“If we shut down markets, we have securities in Anambra, the IPOB, we will invite them and we will pay them, and that is part of what we can do for them and give them a job. Members of IPOB have no job. When shut down markets, IPOB will secure our shops and we will pay them. We have to start that and we have to have our own security so that they will stop attacking us in the midnight, in the morning, in the afternoon. They will stop attacking us by emergency.”

— SaharaReporters

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