Identity duplication drama in UK,Obi tells own story, says it started from Nigeria - watchtower media

Identity duplication drama in UK,Obi tells own story, says it started from Nigeria - watchtower media 

The Presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi, has disclosed that his identity duplication crisis started in Nigeria.

Obi made the disclosure on Sunday during a Twitter space organised by the Parallel Media which was monitored by our correspondent.
Recall that Obi’s associates had raised the alarm over his delay at Heathrow Airport, United Kingdom, by immigration officers over a case of alleged identity duplication.

Obi said he had been to the UK about four times in 2023, adding that he resided there before he became the governor of Anambra State.

He said, “I have been to the UK this year at least four times when I went to the Chatham House when I was invited by the UK government. So, it was a surprise to me. I had lived there for years and still own property there because that was where I lived before I became governor and for me to appear at the airport and they will ask me to sit down, I was very surprised, but all these happened within a few minutes.”
Noting that the incident had taught him to be careful, following the possible threat to his personality, Obi disclosed that the attempt to clone his identity began in Nigeria.

He said, “It is shocking when someone tells you that your identity was duplicated; my first reaction was to say it means nothing, but I was referred to an expert on identity duplication who further shocked me.

“He (the expert) said to me, ‘Peter you could be implicated for a rape, you book a hotel, they have their own gang that comes in, set you up at night and someone says you did this, and they call police. In the UK and everywhere in the Western world, this is a serious case, and you can’t get bail. You could be implicated in murder with your duplicate, same thing if they are checking any luggage.’

“Thank God nothing happened; I have been managing it, and I have been to the UK since then while they too are investigating. When I arrived after that, I was asked and I explained to them, they said they are looking into it, that’s all I can say for now. I’m also extremely careful, and I’m managing it, and hoping nothing goes wrong, but it is something that started from Nigeria,” Obi narrated.

— Punch Newspapers

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