My Father Brought Internet To Nigeria –Singer ElDee

My Father Brought Internet To Nigeria –Singer ElDee
Nigerian veteran singer, Lanre Dabiri popularly known as ElDee, has claimed that his father was the first person to introduce the internet to Nigeria.
He said this in an interview with media personality, JOI, which went viral on Tuesday.

According to the singer, his father was responsible for all internet connections in the country, and despite studying architecture, he developed himself in IT and helped train people in that career.
Speaking during the interview, he said,  “My dad was the person that brought the internet, the very first person that brought the internet to Nigeria. So, he set up pretty much everyone, all the companies that initially, all the first cybercafés that you know. All of those connections came through my popsy (father).
“He was an IT guy. So, naturally, by association, I dey very align to IT even though I studied architecture. So when I reach Yankee, that was the easiest thing for me to do. That's what I did as my paying job, like the way I earn money like I was still working solely on my career.”

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