Mummy Be Calming Down’: Neighbours met husband on top of wife’s body – Police

‘Mummy Be Calming Down’: Neighbours met husband on top of wife’s body – Police

The demise of the woman in the viral 'mummy calm down' video, along with the purported reason behind it, hit Nigerians like a thunderbolt. The latest probe into the case has left the police scratching their heads, sending shockwaves reverberating through the internet. The husband's tale of finding a rope around his wife's neck, suggesting suicide, clashes with the neighbors' insistence that he's spinning a yarn, leaving the entire issue in a spicy stew of uncertainty and suspicion.
The narrative presented by Toluige Olokobi Babalola’s husband regarding her alleged suicide contradicts the version recounted by the neighbors, according to Chidi Nwabuzor, the spokesperson of the Edo State Police Command.

The disparities between the husband’s account and the neighbors’ testimonies emerged during the police briefing at the command headquarters in Benin City on Friday.

Nwabuzor revealed that the Commissioner of Police, Muhammed Dankwara, has ordered an investigation into the issue.

According to the police spokesperson, the husband claimed to have met rope on the neck of her wife, however, the neighbours denied seeing the rope, adding that the husband was met on the body of his wife.

Nwabuzor said, “On November 8, the husband, by name Lawal, reported to the Evbuotubu Division in Benin City, Edo State.

“He said that he returned from the market and met his two-year-old child, Ife Lawal, crying.

“Immediately, he burst the door open and saw the wife on a rope tied to the ceiling. So he loosened it and cried out to the neighbours.

“They came and accompanied him to the hospital where the wife was confirmed dead and they deposited the body at a hospital mortuary in Benin City.

“Thereafter, he went to the Evbuotubu Police Station to report the incident.

“The DPO went with his operatives to the house, where they recovered the rope and suicide note allegedly written by the late woman.

“From there, the DPO went down with him to the hospital to check the body of the deceased for marks of violence. With all due diligence, the DPO checked, but there was no mark of violence.

“Based on this, the Commissioner of Police, Dankwara, directed the DPO to immediately transfer the case to SCID for further investigation.”

Speaking on the neighbour’s account, he said, “There are issues alleged and there are so many sides of the coin.

“The husband said the neighbours came when he cried for help. And that they helped him loosen the rope from his wife’s neck.

“However, the neighbours are saying no, ‘we do not know anything about loosening the rope’.

“They said when he shouted for help, they came in and met him lying on the woman

There are so many issues and that is why the Commissioner of Police, in his wisdom, ordered for investigation. Moreso there was a report from the DPO that there was no mark of violence.

“One would have expected, in all truism, a mark from the rope on the woman that died from hanging. That is the mark of violence we are talking about. So he is under investigation.”

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