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Charly Boy fumes over plans to rename his bus stop as Pedro bus stop
Maverick entertainer, Charles Oputa, popularly known as Charly Boy, has expressed dissatisfaction over the proposed renaming of the well-known Charly Boy bus stop in Gbagada to Pedro bus stop.

Despite his apparent indifference to the change, Charly Boy said he did not seek the honour when the bus stop was originally named after him, emphasizing that it was in recognition of his community contributions through CBshow and Coded Foundation.
The self-proclaimed “Area Fada” revealed that the bus stop was dedicated to him in acknowledgment of the positive impact he made in the community, particularly in empowering over 4,000 okada riders during the foundation’s past outreach efforts.

Charly Boy proudly recalled being referred to as the Chairman of the Okada Riders Association of Nigeria as a result of his contributions.

Addressing speculations about disrespectful remarks towards the Gbagada traditional ruler, Charly Boy clarified that he holds a position of seniority, asserting that insults are reserved for those older people.

He said political motives might be behind the move to rename the bus stop, accusing politicians of attempting to sow seeds of division, bigotry, and tribalism in a community that has historically coexisted peacefully for several decades.

“I have been hearing some news about plans to change Charly Boy bus stop to Pedro bus stop. It is simply laughable because I never lobbied for it to be named after me in the first place.

” I believe my service to the community and empowerment of over 4000 okada riders earned me the honour. It is all politics of bigotry, tribalism and division. But I am not moved,” he said.

Per Second News investigation also revealed that many residents of the community are divided over the planned renaming of the bus stop.

A woman, who resides in Gbagada and gave her name as Yeside, told our correspondent that such plans would fail as many people in the community and beyond are already used to the Charly Boy bus stop.

A petty trader in the area was indifferent to the issue, saying it is not a new thing for authorities to change the names of bus stops.

“I think people are just blowing the issue out of proportion. My take is that, those who want to keep calling it Charly Boy bus stop can go ahead while others are free to adopt the new name.”

— PS News

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