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Mixed Reactions Trail Trending Dance Video Of Comedienne Emmanuella

Popular comedienne, Emanuella Samuel, has begun to trend on social media as a video of her dancing went viral on Thursday.

While some argued that she was too young to be posting content like that, others considered the video to be acceptable and applauded the comedienne for her growth.
Posting the video on X, formerly Twitter, CarterVee4 wrote, "See pikin when we train o."

Retweeting the video, Oladapomikky1 wrote, "We need to caution Emmanuella she’s 13 for crying out loud mehn."
Another user, Allezamani tweeted, "So with the look of things, Emmanuella is just 14 years old and she’s already sexualizing herself on social media? That is absolutely wrong, her parents or guardian should caution her lifestyle thoroughly, the fact that she became a celebrity at a very young age, does not make her an adult at just the age of 14."

IsdoreChima also tweeted, "How old is this girl again? Is she up to 18? Now I think she’s doing too much at her age, she should be focused on her education and not wearing stuff that shows her cleavage at this very young age."

Another tweep, DarcAlbino, replied, "They say she's 13 looking like sweet 16. My own is, make she dey careful sha."
Cautioning users who sexualised the video in their captions, RealDukeofBenue wrote, "Y'all should stop lusting already…she is just and still an innocent child. She's 13."

IamTheIroko also tweeted, "All Emmanuella did was make a video of herself dancing and as a father to a girl child, I see my daughter make dance videos or even dance in front of cameras and I join her most times if only to take advantage and bond. I don't get the outrage, allow children to be children."

Amidst the comments condemning the video, some other X users chose to praise Emmanuella for her growth.

Uncle_Onos tweeted, "I like the fact that she didn’t allow fame get in between her studies. Her handlers are doing quite a great deal of job on her. 

"There was no way she would have remained 'Emmanualla' forever. It was a fame that is tied to her young age. Her management did well to take advantage of those moments. Happy for her growth."

JRAYBLUE tweeted, "It is really good to see her doing well for herself. She looks like she’s financially very stable.  That’s awesome!"

Credit: X| CarterVee4

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