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NNPP Throws Kano State Governor Under The Bus, Backs Court Rulings, Says Abba Yusuf Not Registered Member Of Party

The New Nigeria Peoples Party(NNPP) General Assembly has finally dumped the Kano State Governor, Abba Kabir Yusuf, saying he is not a registered member of the party as the Election Tribunal and Appeal Court ruled.
Referring to letters addressed to the Inspector General of Police and Director General of the Directorate of the State Security Services, the NNPP at a media conference on Monday in Abuja, addressed by its National Chairman, Dr Agbo Major, expressed concern over the escalating issues in Kano State.
Major lamented that the unrest, characterised by media interviews, protests, incitements, attacks on the judiciary, malicious remarks, institutional disruptions, visits to embassies, and road blockades, have reached an alarming level.

“Red-capped individuals, both young and vibrant, wielding various weapons, have taken to the streets, disturbing the peace,” he said.

He said that upon thorough investigation, the party discovered that the riots were coordinated by Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso and led by non-Kano indigenes, namely Dipo Johnson, Kawu Alli, and Onu, all of whom are expelled members of the party.
The Chairman said following a three-day retreat after submitting letters to relevant security agencies and embassies, they have reached the following resolutions:
“Our party upholds the sanctity of Nigeria and is committed to ensuring the safety of lives and property as guaranteed by the Nigerian constitution.

“Our Great Party, founded by Boniface Anebolum, categorically asserts that Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso is not its founder.

“We advocate for legal redress options and reject the notion of self-help in addressing matters.

“Our party denounces the deliberate mischief of expelled members presenting themselves as the leaders of the protests, specifically Dipo Johnson, Kawu Ali, and Onu. These individuals are not representatives of our party,” Major said.

He said NNPP strongly supports the rule of law and the judiciary, disapproving of any attacks against the judicial system.

“Our party has won cases at the National Assembly and House of Assembly tribunals and appeals without inciting violence or making disparaging remarks against the judiciary.

“We condemn the threats made by expelled members that forced Election Tribunal judges to leave Kano,” he said.

He pointed out that the Tribunal and Appeal Court rulings that Governor Abba Yusuf is not a registered member of the NNPP arose from non-compliance with the Party’s Constitution.

“The misfortune of the NNPP is attributed to Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso’s high-handedness, preventing party members from registering according to the law.

“The Party has been taken over by the red-cap Kwankwasiya faction with no regard for party principles.

“Violence and killing are not part of the NNPP manifesto, and we urge the people of Kano to pursue peace and order,” he said.

He further explained that Dipo Johnson, the spokesperson of Kwankwaso, and presidential candidate, is not a registered member of NNPP and has been hired for his role in inciting protests.

“We invite security agencies to investigate the activities of Dipo Johnson and his cohorts, clarifying that they do not represent the NNPP.

“NNPP disassociates itself from the incitement of the masses and attacks on the judiciary, calling for a thorough investigation,” he said.

He concluded by saying the party attributes the misfortunes of NNPP to Kwankwaso’s high-handed approach, leading to non-compliance with the party’s Constitution and electoral laws, prompting the withdrawal from the Memorandum of Understanding(MoU) and the resultant legal action.

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