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United Arab Emirates opens its first brewery in Abu Dhabi

The United Arab Emirates has opened its first brewery in Abu Dhabi following decades of restrictions on alcohol production.
The new establishment, called Craft by Side Hustle, features a microbrewery and gastropub and was opened on Saturday at the Galleria Al Maryah Island mall.
"As founders of the local craft movement, we acknowledge the responsibility presented to us and are both humbled and thrilled to open Abu Dhabi’s first craft microbrewery," Side Hustle Brews and Spirits co-founder Chad McGehee told local media ahead of the opening.

"We commit to delivering innovative and authentic [food and beverage] experiences worthy of the UAE’s high standards."
Alcohol has been restricted across the UAE since it was founded in 1971, though the different emirates have maintained varying levels of prohibition.
For decades, Dubai has been a premier commercial and tourist destination, in part due to less stringent laws on the consumption of alcohol.

In January, the emirate suspended a 30 percent tax on alcohol sales in what was seen as an appeal to western tourists and expatriate residents.

According to domestic reports, the suspension will initially last for a trial period of one year.
The emirate of Sharjah still maintains a total ban on alcohol consumption.

The Side Hustle brewery is the first to open under a 2021 rule change in Abu Dhabi that allows alcohol licence holders to ferment alcoholic beverages for consumption on-site.

In an Instagram post on Saturday, the brewery invited customers to join them for "a taste of history".

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