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Lady goes gaga as dad secretly shaves her hair while sleeping

A young South African lady expresses utmost anger and disappointment after waking up to see her hair missing, an act carried out by her dad while she was asleep.

Social media users were stirred up by a young lady’s revelation of how her father had unexpectedly cut off all her hair while she slept.

In a TikTok video shared by @somilamashiqa, she expressed her disappointment by scattering her room in reaction to the incident.

In a subsequent video, she unveiled her altered appearance and confessed that it had deeply affected her confidence. She, however, didn’t reveal the reason for the decision of her dad other than the hurt it caused her.

“After finding out my dad did me dirty by cutting my hair. Although I cried so much, I have a little confidence,” she captioned the video.
The video has since generated a wave of reactions from social media users who could relate to the same treatment from their parents, particularly their dad while others condemned the act.

Reactions as lady goes gaga as dad secretly trims her hair

Sibu said: “Been there . The night before school even. All I can say is, the kids at my primary were not nice to me.”

user4496368254220 said: “My husband did the same thing to me, I cried like a baby and I’m 47.”
Booliebubbles. said: “Yoh my dad did the same thing when I was in grade 4.”

Boka#2222 said: “l am. l would also cry this much no with my hair !!,where u asleep when they were doing this.”

KwaneleThumbela said: “Tell us what happened how did you get to that point?”

Amanda.R.Otsheleng said: “My dad did this to me when I was be fair it was by accident..the cry I crude!!people called me Bobby Leshly at school.”

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