We will Defeat Petrol Subsidy Beneficiaries Fighting Us — Tinubu Declares At Meeting With APC Chairmen

We will Defeat Petrol Subsidy Beneficiaries Fighting Us — Tinubu Declares At Meeting With APC Chairmen
President Bola Tinubu has vowed that his administration will overcome any resistance from those who benefited from the former petrol subsidy regime as the government works to implement progressive policies for Nigerians.

Addressing the Forum of State Chairmen of the All Progressives Congress (APC) at the State House on Friday, Tinubu declared “As we are fighting corruption, smugglers, and old subsidy beneficiaries, they most certainly will fight back. All those who falsified records and became losers with the subsidy removal, they will fight back. But we will defend our people.”
The president reiterated that the nation’s treasury belongs to the citizens and “that sacred trust must not be abused” by those seeking to preserve the discredited fuel subsidy regime which drained public finances.

He assured Nigerians that his administration is working tirelessly to improve their living conditions through progressive policies like student loans, a consumer credit system, social welfare for the unemployed and graduates.

Tinubu, however, noted that all Nigerians must obtain the National Identification Number (NIN) to facilitate proper planning and effective implementation of the social intervention programmes.

“The programme of our government will be truly progressive; student loans, a national consumer credit system, and social welfare for the unemployed, as well as graduates. Every Nigerian will find a place of belonging in our country. In the eye of even the biggest hurricane, we will find that place of tranquility and prosperous harmony for the benefit of all. Nigerians will all partake on this national journey to prosperity,’’ the president was quoted as saying by his spokesman, Ajuri Ngelale.

“I urge the state chairmen that regardless of party affiliation, let us help citizens by mobilizing them for NIN registration. Not just PVCs. Some are poor Nigerians who have not experienced formal education and have no understanding of what NIN is and how it will benefit their lives. We must teach them. We must care for them.

“Without NIN, we can not embark on social security interventions for the vulnerable. We will be making faulty moves without accurate data and iron-clad, digital intervention structures. I have established a committee of governors, and it is headed by the Vice President, Sen. Kashim Shettima. It is working on what must be done to further lift our people.

“We need to give hope, and we are giving it to the country and our citizens. We are working hard, day and night, even though some agents of destabilization are present in the polity. Nigerians, with our focused support, shall defeat them,” the President affirmed.

According to Tinubu, a major priority of his administration is repositioning and diversifying the economy, particularly through agriculture mechanization and ramping up fertilizer supply to farmers.

“We are bringing mechanized farming to the fore. Yesterday’s crisis will become today’s opportunity. Fertilizers are being supplied to farmers as we speak. Agriculture and economic diversification provide the answers to our problems. We will not continue to import food. We know how to turn lack into abundance, and the world will watch us do it again,’’ he said.

In his remarks, the APC National Chairman, Abdullahi Ganduje, said the party will soon establish a Progressive Institute for policy development to benefit members and Nigerians.

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