JUST IN: Olakulehin Not Fit, Olubadan Throne Will Remain Vacant For Now — Otun Balogun

JUST IN: Olakulehin Not Fit, Olubadan Throne Will Remain Vacant For Now — Otun Balogun

Tajudeen Ajibola, Otun Balogun of Ibadan, has said that his immediate senior in the military line of the Olubadan system is not fit to become monarch now.

Ajibola who made this known in a press conference at his Ibadan home, said that the Olubadan-designate be given time to be healthy before he is pronounced.

The new twist is coming few hours after a peace meeting initiated by Ibadan elders ended peacefully, with Ladoja promising to withdraw a case against elevation of his fellow high chiefs to Obaship status in court

This was just as the lawyer who will be 80 in September said that the seat should remain vacant for now.

He noted that Olakulehin can’t be appointed currently because he’s not medically fit and this is a major requirement for appointment.

“Before Olubadan can be elected, certain conditions must be fulfilled. It’s not just about being the most senior. You must not have been in prison for more than six months. You must be medically fit. You must not be blind and you must be able to recognize people and move around. Even if the kingmakers recommend you, the Governor can reject it based on any of these conditions.
“Our contention is based on all these. Can he perform? If he can perform, then yes. Nobody is in rivalry with him. Health-wise, he’s not fit for now. He can’t recognize anyone. When he’s well, we will enthrone him,” he said.

“He is being forced. They know he is not well. I wish he can talk himself and say this is what I want. The rule says he must be able to recognize and speak to his people.

“He need to recover. It’s obvious he’s not well enough. He won’t be enthroned in the room. He need to go to Mapo and all of that. Some people are not thinking of Ibadan’s interest. They are only thinking of their own interest,” he added.

Speaking on the time limit for the nomination of a new Olubadan, the Ibadan chief noted that it’s a matter of interpretation.

“There’s no law that places any consequence if we don’t announce a new person within 21 days. The Governor is the custodian of law. There are traditions we have to follow. If he’s not feeling fine, how can we do that? Ibadan people have not even been able to see him. During Oba Lekan Balogun’s time, we all saw him.”

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