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Sabo LCDA Faces Backlash from Traders Over High Shop Costs in Rebuilt Sabo Market

In a poignant tale of shattered hope and despair, Iya Adura (pseudonym), a former trader at the now revamped Sabo ultra Modern Market, shares her harrowing ordeal with our reporter. Located in the heart of the Sabo community, the market had once been a bustling hub of economic activity for local traders.

However, following the reconstruction spearheaded by the Sabo Local Council Development Area, dreams turned into nightmares for Iya Adura and several other traders. Promises of affordable shop spaces, made by the council chairman prior to the market's demolition, were trampled upon as exorbitant rental fees and inflated selling prices ruled the day.
Iya Adura recounts her futile attempts to hold the council chairman accountable for his pledge, only to be met with indifference and redirection to the market developers. The somber reality of being unable to afford a shop in her familiar market has plunged Iya Adura into a state of depression, echoing the sentiments of many affected traders.
Now, with a plea for help echoing through her distress, Iya Adura turns to the state government for intervention. Urging the administration of Governor Babajide Sanwoolu to step in and alleviate their plight, she highlights the urgent need for support in reclaiming their lost livelihoods.

As whispers of injustice and broken promises reverberate through the streets of Sabo, the fate of these disheartened traders hangs in the balance, awaiting the lifeline of assistance that could restore hope to their once-thriving community.

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