80% of Lekki Buildings Have No Approval– Lagos State Government

80% of Lekki Buildings Have No Approval– Lagos State Government
Lagos State Commissioner for Physical Planning and Urban Development, Dr. Oluyinka Olumide, unveiled a shocking revelation in an interview with Lagos Reporters recently. According to Olumide, a staggering 80% of buildings in Ibeju Lekki have been constructed without proper approval from the authorities.

Olumide highlighted the concerning trend during a recent inspection of the Ibeju Lekki and Epe axis, emphasizing that many estates in the area operate without the necessary permits. He explained, "Over 80 per cent of them do not have approval. The procedure to get approval is first to get the planning information, as to what those areas have been zoned for."
Furthermore, the Chief Executive Officer of Octo5 Holdings, Jide Odusolu, shed light on the situation regarding the master plan of the Lekki Peninsula. Odusolu noted a significant deviation from the original masterplan post-2010, attributing it to the rapid development and a disregard for existing regulations by newer estates.

Odusolu remarked, "Almost all large estates along the Lekki corridor, especially those developed between 2000-2008, have approved layout plans. However, starting in 2010, the plans became distorted with accelerated development, and many of the smaller schemes that sprung up deliberately sought to avoid the large infrastructure burdens carried by the legacy era developments."

The revelations have raised concerns about the legality and safety of numerous buildings in the area. As the state government vows to crack down on illegal constructions, questions linger over the future of these unauthorized properties and the potential risks they pose to residents and investors.

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