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Lagos to relocate residents of 900 housing units in Adeniji-Adele
The authorities in Lagos state have finalized arrangements to relocate the inhabitants of the 900 housing units in Adeniji-Adele on Lagos Island due to the estate being situated in a waterlogged area.

Dr. Olajide Babatunde, the special adviser to the state governor on e-GIS and Urban Development, revealed during a press briefing at Alausa, Ikeja that the relocation of residents will be carried out in stages. The state government has already begun relocating some of the residents whose buildings have collapsed by providing alternative accommodation.
Dr. Babatunde explained that the initial phase of the relocation process will involve moving 98 residents to newly constructed housing units on adjacent land in Adeniji-Adele. However, due to financial constraints, the entire relocation exercise may extend beyond the current administration's term.
He emphasized that the Adeniji-Adele housing estate is situated in a waterlogged area, necessitating the construction of new residences before residents can be moved. The plan entails relocating small groups of residents, demolishing their existing homes, and constructing new housing units progressively until all occupants have been resettled.

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