Your Desperation to Destroy My Legacy in Kano will Fail – Ganduje Blasts Governor Abba Yusuf

Your Desperation to Destroy My Legacy in Kano will Fail – Ganduje Blasts Governor Abba Yusuf 

The Senior Special Assistant to the All Progressives Congress (APC) National Chairman on Public Enlightenment, Chief Oliver Okpala has slammed the Kano state governor, Abba Yusuf Kabir saying his desperation to destroy every legacy of his predecessor in the state will fail.

Speaking with journalists in Abuja, Chief Okpala said, “Every government in power has its own leadership style. If this is the style Governor Abba Yusuf wants to adopt for Kano, it is left for the people of Kano State to judge if what he did is just and is in their interest.
“Government is a continuum. When Ganduje was in power, he did his best and the people of Kano State can testify to that. He left some legacies that cannot be equaled. What Ganduje has done in Kano cannot be destroyed overnight by political malice from any quarter. This is because what he left in Kano are monumental legacies.

“So for somebody to wake up overnight and try to destroy or dismantle all the legacies left behind by predecessor is, to say the least, a kind of disservice to the people of Kano State. But if he says that is the leadership line his government wants to toe, it is left for him. The people will at a later stage judge between him and Ganduje, which one meant well for them.

“Those also clamouring for Ganduje’s removal claiming to be representing the North Central are agents of the NNPP mobilised and induced financially to execute their plan to undermine the name, honour and integrity of Dr Ganduje.
“When the real leaders and stakeholders of the North Central led by a former President of the senate paid a solidarity visit to the party headquarters and asked Ganduje to continue in office most of these political mercantile agents were not seen because they are inconsequential in the political equation of North Central politics.

“The leaders said though the slot was zoned to them, they however asked Ganduje to continue in office because of the excellent ways he was piloting the affairs of the party.
“When that took place in broad daylight, nothing was heard from these political lilliputians, so nobody should be left in doubt that their actions are in justification of the money they were given to prosecute the ‘Ganduje -must- go agenda.

“A similar issue that should be brought into focus is that of a former National Vice Chairman of the party who had resigned his position in the party and he is now threatening to take the APC to court if Ganduje is not removed.

And one wonders under which platform or locus he wants to prosecute his case? This is someone who on daily bases, abuses the government of the day, of his supposed party on national papers, discrediting the leaders and he still wants the leaders to listen to him.

“One wonders what he forgot in the party that he wants Ganduje and the party leaders to pay him for. People should please allow the party and the leadership under Ganduje to breath since they are doing well and winning political heavy weights from other parties because of their performance.

“Ganduje from all indications means well for the party and he is working tirelessly to ensure the APC occupies an olympian position in the country’s orbit of partisan politics. He will not be distracted”

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