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Human Trafficking Syndicate Uncovered in Sokoto, Children Rescued from Traffickers
In a shocking revelation, a human trafficking syndicate operating in Sokoto State was uncovered by law enforcement agencies, leading to the rescue of several children who were victims of abduction and trafficking. The mastermind behind this heinous operation, Malam Bala Abubakar, known in his community as a caregiver for orphans, was arrested in connection with the crime.
According to the Sokoto State Police Command, Abubakar not only sold 28 children, including six of his own sons, to individuals in Abuja but also facilitated the trafficking of several more children through his accomplices. The suspects, Elizabeth Oja and Kulu Dogonyaro, were apprehended by the Federal Capital Territory Police Command while transporting five children, including infants, under suspicious circumstances.

Further investigation revealed a harrowing tale of deception and exploitation, as widowed mothers were tricked into parting with their children under false pretenses that they would be cared for and educated by an NGO in Abuja. Additional children, some abducted on their way to Islamic school, were also found to be victims of this trafficking network.
In a turn of events, a total of 20 rescued children were placed in the Sokoto State orphanage home for proper care, while 10 suspects, including Abubakar and his accomplices, were arrested in connection with the case. Despite the overwhelming evidence, Abubakar denied the allegations leveled against him in an interview with the press.

The community was left in shock and disbelief upon learning about Abubakar's involvement in such a sinister operation, especially considering his previous reputation as a benefactor for orphans. As the investigation continues, authorities are working tirelessly to ensure the safety and well-being of all the rescued children while pursuing justice for those involved in this disturbing criminal enterprise.

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