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LASU Reacts to Degree Certificate Found at ‘Suya’ Spot

The management of Lagos State University (LASU) has responded to the circulating social media posts regarding a degree certificate reportedly discovered at a 'suya' spot in Lagos, stating that the certificate is not valid.

The alleged certificate of a Lagos State University (LASU) graduate became a topic of discussion due to the improper sorting of office waste papers before disposal.
As per the university's report, it was explained that the surname on the certificate was misspelled, thereby making it invalid. The management also specified that the certificate was recovered on Wednesday, November 21, 2018.

In a statement released, it was stated: "The University, upon retrieving the certificate on November 21, 2018, aims to provide the following clarifications: The mentioned certificate does exist but was declared invalid on February 25, 2013, due to the graduate's surname being inaccurately written as ABISOYE instead of ABIOYE."
LASU verified that a new certificate with the correct surname was issued and retrieved by the graduate on September 30, 2014. According to university protocols, the invalidated certificate should have been appropriately disposed of immediately after issuance. However, an oversight led to it being found in the public domain."

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